Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thanks all!

A big thank you to everyone who voted for me! I deeply appreciate your support. Convention was great, and now I'm just wading through my mountains of email from the last week.

On Sunday, Elizabeth May was on the front page of the Montreal Gazette - photo above the fold! Exciting times ahead!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Internal Elections / l'élection interne

(le français suit)

Well, dear reader, I am now a candidate for Chairperson in the upcoming internal elections of the Green Party of Canada. I am pleased to join a fine crop of green activists running for this position: my fellow councillors Melanie Ransom and Kevin Colton, and long time party members from Ontario Constantine Kritsonis and Ted Alexander.

Feel free to ask me any questions or tell me what you think needs to happen for the party to improve.


Bien, cher lecteur, je suis maintenant une candidate à la présidence dans les élections internes prochaines du Parti vert du Canada. Je suis heureux de joindre un bon groupe de militants verts à poser leur candidature à cette poste: mes collègues conseillers Melanie Ransom et Kevin Colton, et deux membres de longue date de l'Ontario, Constantine Kritsonis et Ted Alexander.

Veuillez me poser toutes les questions ou me dire vos idées pour améliorer le parti.



I was nominated for the position of Chairperson by:
J'ai été nommé pour la poste du présidente par:

Mike Nickerson, current Ontario Rep on the GPC Council
Roger Benham, current Secretary on the GPC Council
Pauline Richards, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
Michael Marshall, Nova Scotia Green Party organizer
Erich Jacoby-Hawkins, Barrie, ON
Victor Lau, former Leader, Green Party of Saskatchewan
Zev Rumstein, former Manitoba organizer

"Catharine has done a great job as MB representative. I look forward to more of the same."
Vere Scott, 2006 candidate, Winnipeg South Centre

"I would be honored to add my name to those GPC members who are nominating Catharine Johannson for the vacant position of GPC Council Chairperson - I saw her good work at the 2004 convention and followed her stalwart service on the GPC Council ever since - she's no quitter and she stays the course."
Michael Marshall, Former GPC Organizer for Nova Scotia
Coordinator of 2006 full slate in Nova Scotia provincial election

“I have known and worked with both Catharine Johannson and Constantine Kritsonis, both candidates for the position of chair of National Council. I think either would be an excellent chair.”
Elizabeth May, Officer of the Order of Canada, Candidate for GPC leader

"What makes Catharine to be the most suitable for the role is that she has an intimate knowledge of the Party's Constitution plus she forces Council to take a scrap of notice of the members of the Party. Were she not to have been on Council for the past two years, Council would have cared almost nothing about its obligations towards members nor towards the Constitution. Whether she has been good for Manitoba I cannot say but I can say that she has been one of the very best Councillors that we have had."
Roger Benham, GPC Secretary

"Vote Catharine!"
Holly Nelson, Leader, Green Party of Manitoba

"I am confident that Catharine Johannson is an excellent choice for Chair of federal council. She and I are both members of the current federal council. In this capacity I've come to know her as competent, smart, fair, co-operative and well-versed in the procedures and rules so critical to running an orderly and democratic council meeting. Catharine has what it takes to chair a council meeting that is not only professional but enjoyable."
Sharon Labchuk
Environment Critic
Co-chair Shadow Cabinet
Green Party of Canada candidate 2004 and 2006
Elizabeth May Campaign Manager
Leader, Green Party of PEI

"I have found Catharine Johannson true to Green values and principles, and a very competent Federal Councillor. I respect and rely on Catharine's fairness and good process, and knowledge of election law, constitutional matters, and decision making."
Steve Kisby, Membership Chair
Green Party of Canada Federal Council

"Catharine Johannson for Party Chair, because she has always stood up for her ethics and has voted for the membership."
Jim Fannon
Candidate for Leader

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mercury Lounge Invite

For those of you attending the convention, Thursday night is the tribute to Jim Harris. It is scheduled to finish at 9 PM. Afterwards come by the Mercury Lounge for a martini and to mix and mingle with Greens from around the country.

I love those nieces to pieces

My niece Gemma attended the 2004 Bragg Creek GPC Convention. She was 1 month old. Now she is 2 and scary smart. Observe her little brain in action:

Gemma (while trying to push my sister's friend Heather off the couch): Heather, sit over there.
My sister: Gemma! Heather can sit wherever she wants to.
Gemma: Heather, you want to sit over there.

I have three little nieces and they are all so wonderful. My other niece, Ally, loves to be outside. She has quiet parents, so she is not quite as boisterous as the two daughters of actors. The oldest of the three, 4 year old Isabella, threw her arms around a tree this week and announced "This tree is magnificent."

Monday, August 14, 2006

Morden and Winkler

The grandfather of my spouse's co-worker died last week. The funeral was on Saturday, so I drove down to Morden with hubby and another co-worker to attend. We took a wrong turn at Carman (yes, how can you get lost in Manitoba?) but arrived in time for the sermon. I am always fascinated by the diversity of belief within religion.

We drove home through Winkler, stopping at Twisters for a bite to eat. Winkler now has a Wal-Mart, a Rona, a huge SuperStore (that's Loblaws for you folks out east), and Sobeys. But we went to Spenst Bros. to pick up our Bothwell cheese. Should I really say I bought cheese? I will lose the vegan vote!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Martini Contest

Ok folks, get your thinking caps on. I've already let you in on the news that the big party August 24 will be at the Mercury Lounge. Part of the entertainment will be a martini contest. Members are invited to create GPC specific martinis - prizes for the most inventive. Sorry, the "Libel Chill" is already taken. I have heard that work is being done on the "Media Leak" and the "Expulsion Explosion" - so it looks like competition will be quite fierce...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thanks Jim!

Jim Fannon has distributed his 500 word leadership campaign email to this list. The party will send it to all members in a few days. Jim was nice enough to say some nice things about me, so I would like to reciprocate and say that I am very happy that Jim is in the leadership race. He has rasied serious issues about the direction of the party and I greatly appreciate his always positive attitude. Everyone knows that my vote is going to Elizabeth May, but after convention adjourns for the night on August 24, I'm certainly buying Jim a beer at the hottest party. All the cool kids will be at the Mercury Lounge in the market. Yes, you're all invited!

Here's what Jim said:

If you have not voted for Councillors yet, and if your ballot is still sitting on the dryer or coffee table, take it up, and check each candidate's story and/or Web bio. Two good picks I recommend for important positions, are Catharine Johannson for Party Chair, because she has always stood up for her ethics and has voted for the membership; and Kate Holloway for Chief Agent because she has likewise stood up for financial integrity and grassroots democracy.